Ryan Duane

Co-Founder & Lead Game Designer

Ryan Duane is a co-founder of Radlyn Games and is the Lead Game Designer.

Ryan graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Games and a minor in Creative Writing. In May of 2023, Ryan and the team he was a part of, Valkyrie 27, released Bifrost: Through the Realms, a 3D Action-Platformer.

Ryan is a member of Winged Remnant, working as a game designer and writer on an unannounced project.

You can see Ryan's work on Bifrost and many other projects on his Portfolio.


John Duane

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

John Duane is a co-founder of Radlyn Games. John is also the founder of RADLYN LLC, a software development and consulting company specializing in retail and ecommerce.

John is a software archititect and developer with over 30 years of experience leading teams and building solutions with companies such as Poly, eBags, L.L.Bean, FTD, Fanatics Collectibles and many more.

John is a Partner with Fearless Technology Group where much of his consulting effort is focused.